Father and Son


Well.... baby is here.  OMG, WHAT DO I DO NOW?!  Especially if you are a first time parent, while having a baby is life changing and beautiful, it's a time of many new and mysterious things.  The fourth trimester, as it's called can be many sleepless nights and constant care of baby.  Having a support system is key!  When I had my first and second child, I needed to have others around to help.  Even with the support of my spouse, I needed others to help us.  My spouse was taking care of me (and our toddler with my second child) and so we needed someone else to take care of the little details of life.  As a postpartum doula, that is our job.  To be part of that support system.  To help you in those first few weeks.  

20 hours

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custom package

Please inquire for a custom package of hours (day or night).