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Costs Of An IUI?

IUI costs will vary greatly....

What costs are included in an IUI?

These estimates may not apply to all people...

  • donor sperm costs - $500-$1000 per vial (you typically use one vial per IUI... sometimes two)

  • Blood draw costs (including pregnancy confirmation if wanted)

  • Ultrasound or monitoring costs

  • ovulation predictor kits costs (if you decide to not use clinic monitoring)

  • Any procedure such as a saline sonogram, or HSG test

  • pregnancy tests (at home if wanted)

  • medications if needed

  • sperm analysis if not using donor sperm

IUI in general costs around $300-$1000+ without insurance (medications not included)

Really you need to think of how much medical involvement you want in this process.  It can be minimal involvement or much more involvement.